• Zyten - 2D Animation Series


    The series consist of several episodes of 11 minutes duration, where ZYTEN and the children are seen enjoying each other’s companionship and proceed through various adventures and experiences of high excitement. Learn more...

  • Bubly


    “Bubly” is a 2D animation series for kids with universal appeal and theme. The animation is a slapstick action comedy with series of gags, which tells the story of a constant chase between a huge Bulldog and his three naughty neighbours - a Rabbit, Rat and Worm.

  • TakKu T Island

    TakKu T Island

    2D Animated chase comedy set in a beautiful island between a man, fox, dog and lizard. Each episode explores island’s natural beauty similar to Galápagos through the fast-paced chase, fights and comedy. The series will contain 7 min episodes (104 X 7)

  • May.Pie


    The story evolves around how two kids with the help of their grandpa and friends protecting anyone stealing the magic fruit in a beutiful Shola Forest and astonishing instant energy and magic of the forest. The series will contain 11 min episodes (52 X 11)